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Special resin paint, flour of quartz and highly stable pigments to light to UV Painting Plaster. The coating obtained with IDROQUARZ and characterizes by water repellent power, elasticity, hardness and abrasion. Resistant to to all moisture, alkalis and atmospheric agents & support the need perspiration. For its pecular characteristics IDROQUARZ is recommended especially as final treatment of exposed concrete as a uniformity of colour and protection to the iron content. Also suitable for all masonry supports giving some advantages against other colored finishes as easy to apply and restructuring where over time you need only to patch at points of actual needs.



  • Dry in 8 Hours & Hardens after 24 Hours.
  • Colour: White or Dyed in (As per Exterior Color samples)
  • Water Dilution: 1st Coat 30% / 2nd Coat 20%
  • Available in 13Litres Pail



Brushable - Woolen Roller – Sprayable